In 2017 Pricewise purchased a new domain called The plan was to have a white label comparison website build upon the Pricewise foundation. Here we could offer more services than we do at Pricewise like comparison of flight tickets for example.


In 2017, Pricewise embarked on a significant venture by acquiring the domain The vision was to establish a white-label comparison platform, leveraging the foundation of Pricewise. This new platform would enable us to expand our services, offering comparisons beyond our existing scope, such as flight tickets.

Strategic Positioning

Unlike Pricewise, which enjoys strong brand recognition and a loyal customer base, aimed to target users primarily through Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

User Dynamics

Users of, primarily directed through SEA and SEO efforts, exhibit a more task-oriented behavior due to their specific search intent.

The Objective

My role as the UX design lead encompassed crafting an exceptional user experience. Central to this mission was ensuring that users could easily discern the vast array of comparison options available.

Furthermore, I undertook the challenge of enhancing conversion rates beyond what was achieved on Pricewise.

The Collaborative Effort

The project brought together a multifaceted team:

  1. A skilled freelancer was entrusted with creating the logo and brand identity.
  2. Copywriters were tasked with generating compelling content.
  3. I assumed the position of UX design lead and project manager.
  4. A technical project manager ensured seamless implementation.
  5. SEO specialists strategized the platform’s visibility
The Concept

The ultimate vision was to create a digital hub akin to a comprehensive search engine for comparisons. My approach was centered on crafting a harmonious and consistent experience across all markets, ensuring users would be able to navigate seamlessly while making informed choices.

This endeavor encapsulates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of user experience design, creating a platform that not only simplifies comparisons but also enriches user interactions. By uniting our collective expertise, we successfully turned a vision into a reality that resonates with users seeking efficient and reliable comparison services.

The Innovative Approach

The project commenced with thorough competitive research, which laid the foundation for our strategy. In addition, we engaged an external art director who contributed significantly to shaping the platform’s visual identity. Collaborative discussions led to the insightful decision of using distinct colors for each market. This creative approach allowed us to maintain a sense of freshness tailored to individual markets while upholding a cohesive brand identity.

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