Social media

For social media campaigns on Pricewise. I was involved with a lot of different activities

Enhancing the visual language

During my tenure at Pricewise, I assumed the role of lead visual designer, with a strong focus on enhancing the visual design aspects for an improved user experience (UX). Among my various responsibilities, I took charge of our social media presence, a critical component of our overall design strategy. Notably, I conceptualized and executed the current social media image campaign prominently displayed on our Instagram page. While a previous campaign, unfortunately, faced deletion despite its higher engagement, I strategized and crafted a fresh visual language for our advertisements. This encompassed the challenge of harmonizing diverse message types – ranging from insightful money-saving tips and timely news updates to celebrating global observances. Leveraging digital resources, I curated graphical elements to align with our distinctive Pricewise brand aesthetics, ensuring a seamless and engaging UX.

Mail designs

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