Mock ups for Pricewise concerning E-Bikes. Goal was to gather a lot of traffic through SEO and to diversify our products via scrape and sell.

Pricewise Products

In 2021, we embarked on the “Pricewise Products” (PWP) New Business Development project. This initiative involved a scraper and feed-based aggregator that an external party developed and maintained, providing a REST API product comparison feed enriched with clickout links. Our focus was on crafting a single, generic interpreter for this web service, enabling comparisons across a range of consumer products. These products, characterized by their universal applicability, such as e-bikes and televisions, introduced a new dimension of comparison to our portfolio. Our approach involved creating a unified application to interpret the product feed. The products’ consistent structure in the feed allowed us to empower the SEO team to establish multiple comparison pathways through the setup of the product feed in the external tool admin, supplemented by a selection of essential CMS options.