Lingo Llama

I designed an interactive prototype for my client using Google Material 3, aiming to create an engaging and enjoyable language learning experience.

In developing Lingo Llama, I embarked on a design odyssey focused on the user’s journey – from initial awareness to language mastery.

Early Stages: Awareness, Research, and Sign-Up
I began by mapping out the user’s first interaction with the app, ensuring the awareness and research phase seamlessly led to an inviting sign-up process.

Onboarding and Learning
The onboarding phase was crafted to be intuitive, setting the stage for the central learning phase. Here, my focus was on creating an engaging, effective user interface that enhanced the language learning experience.

Final Stage: Mastery
The journey culminated in the mastery phase, where users felt a sense of achievement. Each step was meticulously designed, considering users’ tasks, mindsets, and pain points.

From Wireframes to Prototype
The design process evolved from detailed wireframes to high-fidelity designs, culminating in a functional prototype that embodied user-centric design principles.

Lingo Llama stands as a testament to a design process deeply rooted in user empathy and innovation, transforming a concept into a user-friendly language learning concept.

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