Consumentenbond was a partner of Pricewise. During this time I was responsible for the designs of all of our compares and collectives.

During my tenure at Pricewise, I played a pivotal role in the major partnership with Consumentenbond, spearheading the design initiatives for their website’s compares and collectives. As the lead UX designer, I led various redesign projects aligned with their restyling efforts.

One of the key achievements during this collaboration was the comprehensive redesign of our comparison markets, encompassing Energy, Car insurance, Healthcare, Liability insurance, Home insurance, Legal, Travel insurance, and Telecom. With a keen focus on user-centricity, I meticulously crafted the entire funnel experience, ensuring a seamless journey from initial engagement to conversion.

Additionally, I took great care to optimize the mobile experience, recognizing the growing importance of mobile users in today’s digital landscape. Through thoughtful design strategies, I strived to create an intuitive and delightful mobile interface, empowering users to effortlessly navigate and access the information they needed.

Throughout this partnership, I cherished the opportunity to continuously iterate and refine our designs, leveraging user feedback and data-driven insights to enhance the overall user experience. The collective efforts resulted in improved user satisfaction and engagement, ultimately fostering long-lasting connections between consumers and the services offered through Consumentenbond and Pricewise.

As the UX-driven force behind these ventures, I remain committed to crafting impactful digital experiences that resonate with users, build trust, and empower them to make informed decisions confidently. The invaluable experience gained from this collaboration fuels my passion for pushing the boundaries of UX design and creating meaningful interactions that leave a lasting impact on users’ lives.

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