since 2012 I have been designing collectives for international consumer organisations through Pricewise. There have been over a million visitors for most of these sites.

A introduction to Energy Collectives

Our impact on the energy market is twofold. Firstly, we collaborate with businesses, governments, and organizations to initiate collective energy buying campaigns. Since 2011, these campaigns have facilitated more than 2.5 million households in transitioning to superior, more affordable, and customer-centric energy contracts. Secondly, we manage some of the most widely used comparison platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. These websites simplify the process of cost comparison and facilitate hassle-free energy contract switches for consumers online.

Campaign Timeline

Step 1: Sign Up Members can join online without any commitment or charges.

Step 2: Auction Pricewise orchestrates an auction featuring chosen suppliers renowned for quality and low tariffs.

Step 3: Offer Personalized offers are dispatched to each subscriber.

Step 4: Decide Subscribers evaluate and decide whether to accept the presented offer.

Step 5: Switch Pricewise handles the entire fulfillment and switching process, ensuring a seamless transition.

My Role in the collectives

My pivotal role revolved around elevating the user experience (UX) and design of all collectives at Pricewise. To streamline our operations and empower efficiency, we adopted a template-centric approach. This strategic move alleviated the burden on developers, sparing them the need to recreate solutions from scratch for each collective initiative.

Collectives emerged as a robust revenue stream and a core focus area for our organization, demanding meticulous attention. As time progressed, our business strategy experienced a shift, with a renewed emphasis on the Dutch market.

Many of these collectives transcended borders, yielding remarkable success on the international stage. My responsibilities encompassed designing the entire user journey, from inception to conversion, complemented by responsive design implementations. In addition, I crafted tailored email templates that seamlessly dovetailed with these campaigns, ensuring holistic and coherent user experiences.